Our Garden Squirrel name was inspired by the creative, industrious,and mischievous critters who made an annual ritual of robbing my tomato plants every summer. If you’re reading this, then you likely share a philosophy similar to mine: good is almost always simple. Your soap should be clean and simple. So we use simple, everyday ingredients that are delightfully basic.
Top quality soap does not have to be stripped of its natural goodness. Make it the way excellent handcrafted products should be made. With natural, accessible raw materials. That’s what we do at Garden Squirrel. We believe soap should please your senses… touch, sight, and especially smell, (but definitely not taste!). AND it it should be made with ingredients you can find nearby… even your own back yard.
Pleasant memories are evoked more by smell than any other sense. Recall a healthier time, using a healthier soap. Read on…

To start with,
Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It absorbs a great deal of what it touches, and what it touches should be good for you. Garden Squirrel soaps are based on either goats milk or olive oil, both of which have been around for centuries, and are known for their beneficial moisturizing effects. From this promising start we add our own unique touch… ingredients from that most trusted of food sources, your own home. Here are a few examples:

  • Carrots. For fair skin. A soothing agent against the sun
  • Red clover. Extra moisturizing for mature skin
  • Dandelion flowers. A natural astringent, great for oily skin
  • Nettles and mint. Reduce inflammation, good for arthritis
  • Tomatoes. Rich in potassium and vitamin C

as well as dozens of others, mostly home grown, hand picked, and local. Finally, all Garden Squirrel soaps use safe colouration. Most times, the colour comes from our all-natural additives…coffee, brown sugar, even activated charcoal. When it doesn’t, we use cosmetic grade pigments, never dyes These are your soaps, hand made for you by someone who shares your love of a natural experience. Our unique ingredients come courtesy of our treasured, healthy world. No secret additives, no harsh chemicals, just the good stuff. All with with maximum freshness, and minimal packaging.